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The company imports and exports the following firefighting equipment:
  • gas fire suppression modules and systems using 3M NovecTM1230 gas suppression  agent (FK-5-1-12);
  • linear heat fire detectors;
  • systems of complex fire automation;
  • systems for early detection of smoke - aspiration detectors.
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Gas suppression modules

Gas fire suppression  systems Novec 1230 for the protection of server rooms, data centers, switching and other premises with…

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Components of gas fire suppression systems

Auxiliary and connecting elements for the complete set of automatic gas fire suppression systems - reliability and efficiency of the system as a whole…


Autonomous systems of gas fire suppression

Autonomous systems of gas fire suppression of local application of ASShT F-Line with use of safe gas fire suppression   substance 3M NovecTM1230 (FK-5-1-12) for electrotechnical, server cases


Linear Heat Detectors

The Standard Digital Protectowire Heat Sensitive Cable (PHSC) Linear Heat Detector can best be described as a continuous run of spot heat detectors. It is capable of sensing heat anywhere along its length and initiates an alarm once its fixed activation temperature is reached.


Aspiration smoke detectors

Aspiration smoke detectors  allow you to quickly take measures to locate the source of ignition, which significantly reduces the danger to people on site, as well as minimize material damage…