Linear Heat Detector XCR

Type XCR consists of a high-performance fluoropolymer jacket and is designed for exterior environments as well as harsh interior applications. Features of this low smoke jacket include excellent chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, and high-temperature performance.


Linear Heat Detector EPC

Type EPC designed for interior commercial and industrial applications. Features of this jacket include low moisture absorption, resistance to many common chemicals, and excellent flexibility at low temperatures.

Рис 2Конструкция мультикритериального термокабеля CTI

Linear Heat Detector CTI

The CTI Linear Heat Detector is a twisted pair of dissimilar spring conductors which are insulated with a heat-sensitive material. This material is designed to soften and allow the conductors to short when exposed to a specific alarm temperature. The dissimilar conductors, when shorted, form a temperature measurement junction called a thermocouple.


Fiber Optic

This product is best described as a continuous linear thermometer actively reporting temperature readings in realtime. The restorable linear heat detector is comprised of quartz fibers enclosed in a low smoke zero halogen jacket. Immune to all EMI and RFI, the fiber optic linear detector can be configured to offer custom alarm criteria and zone sizes up to 30,000 feet (10 + km) in length.


Linear Heat Detector XLR

Type XLT consists of a outer jacket that is specifically selected for cold storage and freezers . Features of this jacket include low moisture absorption and excellent performance in extremely low temperatures. This detector has been UL and FM tested to –60°F (–51°C).


Linear Heat Detector PLR-CR

Type PLR -CR is constructed with low resistance inner conductors, allowing for longer detector zone lengths on most types of fire alarm panels including addressable panels. Utilizing a high-performance fluoropolymer outer jacket, this detector is specifically designed for use in applications where extreme environment and product criteria must be met. The flame retardant, low smoke jacket provides excellent abrasion resistance and mechanical properties over a broad range of applications. It provides excellent chemical and permeation resistance to a wide range of acids, bases, and organic solvents, as well as simple gases. In addition, the jacket exhibits very little change in tensile properties upon outdoor exposure to sunlight and weather.


Module PIM-120

PIM-120 interface module is used for connection in addressless loops of control panel of other producers, and also to the input module of address systems of the fire alarm system.

The maximum length of the linear thermal detector of the PHSC model to one PIM-120 - 2000 m.


Operating voltage -19-27V (24 V nom.).
Power supply:
- in the next mode - 0,020A (24 V);

- in the "Fire" mode - 0,040A (24B).

The length of the thermal cable loop is up to 2000 m.
The resistance of the terminal resistor is 2.2 kО ± 5%.
Operating temperature range - from 0 ° C to plus 49 ° C.
Relative humidity - up to 95% without moisture condensation.
Overall dimensions: 16 x 51 x 70 mm without case.
External housing: IP65.
Service life - not less than 10 years.


Module CTM-530

CTM-530 Module and the CTI Linear Heat Detector were invented to reduce incidences of false alarms due to mechanical damage to the detector. Using thermocouple technology, a CTI Linear Heat Detector confirms whether or not a true alarm condition exists. The CTI Linear Heat Detector control module continuously monitors the detectors’ continuity. In the case of an open circuit, the module reports an open fault condition.


Module PIM-430D

PIM-430D interface module is used for connection to two unaddressed loops of control panels of other producers, and also to input modules of address systems of the fire alarm system.

The PIM-430D has a 4-digit digital indicator located at the top of the board, which displays the distance in meters to the point of operation of the thermal cable (maximum detection length is up to 2000m for each loop). When connecting two single-temperature thermal cables (separately), the indication of the length to the place of operation of the detector is carried out in manual mode using a three-position switch. In the next mode, the indicator is de-energized and does not consume energy. There are five LEDs on the front of the PIM-430D to indicate the status of "Fire" (red) and "Fault" (yellow) on each of the two cables, as well as "Power" (green). The unit switches to the "Fire" state when any connected line detector is triggered. At the same time there is no blocking of a signal loop - return of the device to the next mode occurs automatically after elimination of the reason which caused a condition "Fire". The "Fault" signal is generated when the connection circuit of the linear thermal detector is broken.


Service tools

APL-90 – Alarm Point Location Meter Adapter

Converts almost any digital multimeter into an alarm point location meter. Allows the general actuated (shorted) area of Digital PHSC Protectowire to be located by displaying a distance reading in feet or meters to the actuated point.

MFL-92 – Manual Fault Locator System

Allows an actuated (shorted) point of Digital PHSC or CTI Detectors to be accurately located. A signal generator is connected across the detector. A receiver then monitors the signal by tracing along the detector run with a pick up. The audible signal is lost at and beyond the actuated point.


Splicing and termination

WAW Clips Types N and P

One of the most versatile fasteners is the WAW Clip. This clip may be used for ceiling or wall mount applications, as well as all corners. The fastener is a clip which wraps around the detector and is available in either nylon (WAW-N) or polypropylene (WAW-P) material depending upon the installation environment. As a general rule, nylon WAW clips are preferred for applications where the ambient temperature is expected to be low, such as in freezer warehouses. The installation temperature range for the WAW Series fasteners is -40°F (40°C) to 190°F (88°C).

OHS Clips Types 1 and SS

OHS clips are available in several different configurations and are used mainly as an intermediate fastener between corner-mounted WAW Clips, which provide the main support.

  • OHS-1: Galvanized steel, 3/16″ (4.8mm) diameter mounting hole
  • OHS-SS: 304 Stainless steel, 1/4″ (6.4mm) diameter mounting hole