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The autonomous local gas fire suppression system is designed for volumetric fire extinguishing of class A2 fires and live electrical equipment with gas suppression agents.
F-Line ASSHT design:

module or main pipeline with extinguishing agent;
thermosensitive tube;
ball valve;
pressure switch.

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How does it work:
As a result of heating the thermotube to the operating temperature, the thermotube melts to form a hole. Gas suppression  agent comes out of the hole, directly into the center of fire. In the case of using the system of indirect action from the hole, a small amount of propellant gas, which, in turn, leads to the activation of the system with subsequent release of suppression agent through the outlet of the module and then - through the nozzles (or through the suppression pipe with nozzle). protected (compartment).

server cabinets
switching cabinets
electrical and electrical cabinets
control and monitoring cabinets
technological equipment department
mobile vehicles (buses, cars, tractors, combines, etc.)
Main advantages:

long service life
minimum costs during installation and operation
visual control of system efficiency
remote control of system efficiency
multiple action
weight not more than 5 kg (taking into account the weight of GWR)